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Fineshare Finecam: AI-powered virtual camera

Create & Share Your Inspiring Videos

If you are looking for an AI-powered virtual camera for video recording and conferencing, you've come to the right place. FineShare is an intelligent software company that aims to ignite creativity and build better connections through its innovative solutions.

FineCam - Your Go-To Choice for High-Quality Video

  • Say goodbye to subpar video quality and hello to a seamless, professional video experience with FineShare FineCam.
  • Turn your smartphone into a portable HD webcam with wireless connectivity and multiple angles.
  • Connect any camera - use your phone's camera, digital camera, DSLR camera, action camera, external webcam, or integrated webcam, or all of them with FineCam.
  • Advanced AI algorithm automatically removes background and applies unique and creative backgrounds to enhance your video.
  • Seamlessly switch between multiple scenes with the video switcher feature.
  • Position your webcam footage anywhere on the screen with desktop camera mode.
  • Generate unique backgrounds in seconds with the AI Background Generator for your video conferences and recordings.
  • Enhance your video with a range of filters and adjustments for video brightness and vividness of colors.
  • Add a bokeh effect to your video with the smart portrait mode, making you stand out.

FineShare FineVoice - Unleash the Charm of Your Voice

  • FineShare FineVoice is an AI digital voice solution packed with amazing features, including a real-time voice changer, studio-quality voice recorder, fast and accurate automatic transcription, and a realistic AI voice generator.
  • Transform and customize your voice easily with FineVoice's AI speech processing algorithm.
  • Record sound from a microphone, computer, or iPhone in MP3 or WAV with the Voice Recorder.
  • Try the Online Voice Changer and change your voice into 82+ realistic voices of characters and celebrities for free.

Why Choose FineShare FineCam?

  • Powerful AI virtual camera for high-quality video creation and engaging video conferences.
  • Use your phone as a handy, portable HD webcam with various camera settings and wireless connectivity.
  • Switch between multiple scenes and capture video from different angles effortlessly.
  • AI Background Generator to create unique and creative backgrounds for your videos.
  • Video enhancement with filters and adjustments for improved video quality.
  • Smart portrait mode for a bokeh effect and to stand out in your videos.

Change Your Voice with FineShare FineVoice

  • Experience 87+ realistic voice effects with the free Online Voice Changer.
  • Easily change your voice gender and embody the voices of various ages with FineShare's advanced AI Clone technology.
  • Fast and free voice conversion with new voice effects added every month.
  • Record or upload audio and download the changed audio file to your device.

Create Stunning Zoom Backgrounds with FineShare

  • Use FineShare's AI Zoom Background Generator to create unique virtual backgrounds for your video calls.
  • Choose from various categories like Office, Classroom, Room, Simple, Christmas, Halloween, Beach, Forest, Funny, Entertainment, Sports, and Education.
  • Download your creations for free and leave a lasting impression during your video calls.

Start Creating with FineShare Today!

Whether you want to create inspiring videos, change your voice, or enhance your video conferences, FineShare FineCam and FineVoice have you covered. Start exploring FineShare's innovative AI-powered tools and take your content creation to new heights!

Visit the FineShare website to download FineCam for free and discover the possibilities!

Get Started with Finshare Finecam!

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